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Welcome to Allmatik

Allmatik LLC is a company that has 25 years of experience in the production of windshield cleaner. We have a modern production facility, located in Salinas, CA. Perhaps one of the most modern facilities in the USA for packing windshield cleaner.
You can find ALLMATIK brands on the market under the names : Xpert , Aqua Xpert ,Jet Xpert Nano ,Jet Xpert Polar.
Also, ALLMATIK LLC delivers high quality products for interested partners under their own brands – Private Label.

Our Products

The superior power of cleaning of our products is based on advanced research in the fields of chemistry and Nano technology. The excellent work of our experimented team of chemists is tested and certified by highly trusted laboratories from Germany.

Allmatick is a company based in USA, California, specialized in manufacturing products for cleaning and maintaining auto vehicles.
We are a company focused on creating environmentally friendly products with high quality standards in our domain of expertise. We are sustainability minded and the first company in USA to bring to the market a windshield cleaning solution packed in the ECO friendly – Stand UP Pouch.
We are a young company here in the USA, however, we are inheriting a tremendous amount of experience from our European sister company.
Allmatik LLC is a family company. More about us

Why Allmatik?

We are using unique technologies in the production and the packing of windshield cleaner.
Our products are based on the most recent findings in the fields of chemistry and Nano-technology.
The higher quality of our products is certified by Deckra, a renowned institute in product testing and certification.
Allmatik LLC has flexible packaging capacities to meet any demands from our Partners.
Allmatick has its own testing labatory with its own team of chemist engineers. All our products are verified throughout the production cycle insuring that the final products are within specifications and meets our customer’s expectations.

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